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Honestly? Cardis Black is the best fanfic author ever. Kristoph dying was tense. I actually cried. I NEVER cry. And I don't mean tearing up, I mean actually sobbing and crying. I produced more tears today than the past month. ^_^ Apollo's diary entry was touching. I cried from chapter 29 onwards.

Let me post Apollo's entry. Look, I know whoever just comes here and reads this won't cry. It means nothing to you. But bear with me, please.

Of course, that's now how it ended at all.

How it ended was like this :

All of a sudden, as Kristoph is falling, a big skyhook swung around and dragged him up. For a moment, we had no idea what was happening, except that this big big hook – you know those kind that you see in construction sites, those yellow kinds? Yes, well, one of that hooked Kristoph up. And I know what you think – you're thinking that the hook would kill him, right? Well, it should, but it didn't, because it's actually padded with loads and loads of Styrofoam, and so it doesn't kill Kristoph, but it saves him and pulls him back up onto the cliff. It didn't hurt him at all.

I turned around, and then I saw what happened. It's Klavier's friend – that Nail guy – he had brought a crane with him, you see, and he used the crane to save Kristoph right at the last moment! He had it driven up by one of the other officers, and the reason we never saw it was because it was hidden behind a brick.

But I never did thank him, because we all rushed forward and hugged Kristoph, and everyone is crying – even Devereux, and he keeps saying he's sorry too, and begs for Kristoph's forgiveness for active like such a jerk. We all hug, and we all cry – and I'm not ashamed to admit it, because the alternative would be that Kristoph would be dead and then we won't be crying but laughing, laughing like mad men at a mad world.

Yes, we all cry, and then we all hug, and then we all, to put it simply – kiss and make up. Then I wrap my arms around Kristoph, and I yelled at him – because he can be such a stupid idiot sometimes. I told him never ever to do something as dumb as that again, and he agrees happily. And then Klavier pulls me off, and we have a make out session – and then everything is alright again and we go back down the mountain using the crane.

Once we got back down, Kristoph isn't taken away. Kazaf now realizes what a jerkoff he is, and deeply regrets it for the rest of his life. He lets us keep Kristoph with us – without even asking for bail too! Well, Kristoph came back, and he got back his old room – except he doesn't sleep in it. We all went out to the living room and we all watch his favourite movie, Titanic, until we're all sobbing like manly but nerveless hair gel. It's just like old times again, and it's never going to change. We're going to do this for the rest of our lives, and nothing's ever going to change. NOTHING. NOTHING, you hear me? Nothing's going to change. Yes, Kristoph is saved, and we all go back home and everything is alright.

Then the next day, Kazaf comes in and tell us the good news. The guy – whoever it was – that had gotten him into trouble that had appeared in the news, had been shot dead in the middle of the night. A hole had opened up in the ceiling, and assassins had descend through it and killed the guy – smack dead, just like that.

Kazaf is now the King of the World.

So with his newfound powers, he decrees that Kristoph is innocent, and he never goes back to jail forever and forever. There are people who are not happy about this, like Mr. Wright, but Trucy uses her magic, and he agrees that it is best if Kristoph comes back home. Trucy will then move in with us, and Mr. Wright will probably do too, as soon as I make up my mind on whether he should be allowed to do so.

And that is how it all ends. Klavier and I got married, and gay marriages got legalized and all homophobes were put into jail by us, because we keep pressing charges on them for every crime we can - from indecency to freedom of speech. Kristoph never did get married, but that's okay anyway – he has me, and he has Klavier. We lived together, for the rest of our lives.

People might tell you differently diary, but don't believe them. They're lying. All of them. Because Kristoph never fell from any cliff, and even if he did – he wouldn't die. I know this contradicts the evidence, but it doesn't matter. This is how it all happened. Kristoph doesn't die. He never dies, because that's just something that doesn't happen. I don't believe it, because it's never going to happen.

It's impossible.

Just impossible.


There's no way that can happen – not to Kristoph – who's the closest thing you can get to invincibility and immortality. He was the one who had saved me from a life amongst complete shitheads, he's the one closest thing I ever had, and a person like that, he just won't die. It's impossible – and if you tell me otherwise, diary – I'll rip you to pieces and burn you up too. But then you'll stick back together, because Kristoph gave you to me, and anything that belongs to him will never go away either, okay? Yeap, you'll stick right back up.

You'll never leave me, just like he won't.

So that's how it all ended. Just like Klavier said we would – the three of us lived happily ever after.

The end.

Please kill me right now. Kristoph is dead, so why should I live? T_T

Anyway, if ANYONE is interested:

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