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Here is one of the first drafts. It's still kind of annoying, and probably on chapter one material, but it's sort of good.

I have trouble coing up with names. Seriously, Esmeraldia? I suck at this. =P Blaise is finicky. I may have to revise him.

Blaise  smirked. He looked around him and absorbed the familiar surroundings. Everything looked so beautiful under the shining night sky, in a view at the top of the city.  He observed the shadows along the streets, the cars and their lights, the people wandering aimlessly. Blaise scowled as he saw an old lady with long golden hair petting a purple cat by the sidewalk. He rubbed his eyes to make sure they weren’t playing tricks on him. He took one last sip from his cup, before deciding that the view was boring him. He decided to go down and look for his parents. Their business with the uncooperative people had been going on for far too long. He was too bored to just wait.

He walked into the luxurious hotel room.

They heard the door open, and his mother promptly answered him, “Wait on, Blaise. It’ll just be a few more minutes.”

Blaise sighed and once again went back to the terrace.

He tapped his finger impatiently on the table, waiting for something. Anything. He knew that the so called few more minutes actually meant another hour or so. He stared at the full body mirror perpendicular to the table. He stared at it to pass the time. His hair had been messed up and was perfectly shiny. His skin was an unnatural pale tone, and the only thing he spotted wrong with himself was a glint of impatience in his deep, dark violet eyes. His eyes were purple, though no one else in his family had them. Most describe him as a splitting image of his mother, save for his eyes. His eyes were unique. He was actually glad. He detested being like anyone. He wanted to be himself, a completely unique identity.

Blaise sighed and took another look around. It was simply too boring. He didn’t know why he even came with them. Surely his day would’ve been more fruitful if he had stayed home?

He remembered the old woman with the golden hair. Blaise glanced to the side and saw the woman smiling at him. It was a sickly sweet smile, one that could easily make a fully grown man cry. Blaise had looked at her face. She was far from perfect. Along with her smile, her eyes glinted a creepy shade of yellow, almost like a cat’s. It sent shivers down his spine.

Blaise could make out her lips forming words,

“Come here,”

He wondered momentarily if he should follow her. It was midnight, after all. On the other hand, it would probably take them another hour, possibly two, before they finish. He was bored. Besides, what harm could it do, right?

Well, the old lady could turn out to be a kidnapper.

He ignored all attempts of his brain to tell him that it was dangerous. He stood up, travelled down the hotel and to the old lady by the sidewalk.

Blaise took a cautious look around him. No hobos, no robbers, no muggers, at least, none that he could see. He wasn’t actually sure if the fact that he was alone with the old lady was a good thing or not. He rubbed his arm and felt goosebumps. He wasn’t really sure if it was from the cold, or from the old lady. Both were valid reasons for goosebumps.

Meow.” The cat purred, licking its purple fur.

It was all so unnatural. If it weren’t for the icy cold wind hitting him right now, Blaise would’ve swore this was a dream. The golden hair, the golden eyes, the purple cat. If he proceeded to tackle the situation with logic, he would’ve told them that her hair was dyed, she was wearing contacts, and the cat played in purple paint sometime ago.


Blaise snapped out of his trance like state of mind, looking at the cat. It hissed at him, causing Blaise to flinch.

“Now, now, Eehyah.” The old woman said, “Don’t be mean to the poor boy.”

The cat meowed once again.

“Good. Good girl.” She crooned,

Blaise stood still, not letting the craziness of the situation affect him.

“Hello, young man.” She said, “What are you doing here?”

“You called me.” He said, gritting his teeth.

“Oh? What if I had called one of the ghosts?”

“That’s ridiculous. Ghosts aren’t real.”

“Mm? Is that so?” she said,

“Yes.” Blaise said. “Now if there’s nothing else you want-“

“Wait.” She said. “What is your name?”

“Blaise.” He said, scanning for any signs of attack.

“Ah. My name is Deana.” She said, her voice reminiscent of old ladies that murdered princesses in stories.

“What did you call me for?”

“Eeyah wanted to tell you something, Blaisey.”

“That’s Blaise.” Blaise said, annoyed, “and isn’t Eeyah your cat?”

“Why yes, he is. Is that a problem?”

Blaise blinked, “No. It’s just that usually, most cats don’t talk.”

“Oh, Eeeyah can’t talk, either.”

I know. Blaise said.

“Eeyah wanted to give you this,” Deana said, handing him a gold ring hung on a silver chain. The ring had something engraved on it, but Blaise couldn’t tell. It was too dark.

“What is this?” Blaise asked, holding the artifact tightly.

“A pretty necklace,” she said, “I think.”

Now what would I do with something as useless as this?

“Wear it.” she said again, smiling.

He frowned. He thought of the possibilities. It could kill him in a million ways, or it could prove fruitful and take away his boredom. And the most likely possibility would be that it would do nothing. He put the necklace on.

He saw the cat open his mouth, but instead of a meow, he heard a voice, “Can you hear me?”


This has got to be a trick. A set up. There was a speaker, or a walkie talkie, or whatever near that cat. That was the only way it was possible. Blaise thought. There were a million logical explanations for the cat talking. Maybe he was dreaming. Yes, that was it. A dream. It explained everything without having to put too much thought into it. A woman with golden hair sitting on a bench, petting a purple cat? It had to be a dream.

“..hey.” the cat said, calling for his attention.

Blaise didn’t know how to reply to that. This is a dream, after all.

“Don’t ignore me!”  The cat said,

Blaise swallowed, “Hello.”

“’ello to you, too.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how are you talking?” Blaise asked.

“I could ask you the same thing, human.” Eeyah said, purring at him.

“Well, I have vocal chords. I’m fairly sure cats don’t. Besides, how do you think with such a small cat brain? Surely it can’t be possible.” Blaise said, questioning the cat in his dream.

“Hmph,” the cat said, “That’s none of your concern.”

Blaise said nothing. “So, why did you give it to me?”

“Because it is time.” Eeyah said.

“Time for what?” Blaise asked, thoroughly confused.

“Blaise!” a voice shouted. He recognized it as his mother’s. He turned around and saw his parents, along with his sister, walk to the car. “We’re going home!”

Eeyah snarled, “Tomorrow, put on the ring and call my name.”

Blaise nodded and went back to the car. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to follow him. It was a dream, after all. Even if did feel strangely realistic.


Blaise held the gold ring in his hand. He still had it. It was real. He sighed. There were several explanations that could explain everything happening that night. The cat could’ve had dyed fur. There could’ve been a walkie-talkie placed near. Contacts and dyed hair for the old lady.

He didn’t know why, but he kept the ring. He had studied it himself, and judged that it was real silver and real gold. When he wasn’t satisfied with that, he went to an expert and asked. They were real. He was wondering what to do with it. He could sell it, throw it away, give it to someone else, keep it stashed in a drawer, melt it or the oddest choice, do what the cat said.

He wondered if he should do it. He had nothing to lose.

He put the ring on, letting go of the silver chain. It seemed to fit him nice. Odd. All previous looks at it seemed to prove otherwise. He tried to remember what the cat’s name was.


He hadn’t expected anything to happen. A portal opened up.

He looked into the portal. It was black. He thought long and hard about it, then decided to just jump into it.

For a moment, he was stunned. He felt like he was being squeezed into the ball. As if a hand had grabbed his foot and dragged him somewhere. It wasn’t a very good feeling. He closed his eyes to distract him from the feeling.

When everything stopped spinning and his head didn’t hurt anymore, he opened his eyes, only to find himself lying down on the ground. He looked up and saw Eeyah’s face.

“Human.” He muttered.

Blaise groaned and stood up. “Where am I?”

A hand was given to him for support. He grabbed the hand and lifted himself up. “Esmeraldia.” A voice said. It was a high, girly voice. He looked at her face and saw purple eyes and straight, short white blond hair. “I’m Beatrice.”

He nodded. “Blaise.” He saw Deana and Eeyah surrounding him. Deana was different. She no longer looked like an old lady, rather a pretty young one.

“Hello, Blaise.” Diana said, voice still radiating a terrifying sound.

“Where am I?” Blaise asked.

“I told you,” Beatrice said, “Esmeraldia.”

“Forgive me, but,” he said, “I don’t recall such place existing anywhere in the world.”

“He doesn’t know?” Beatrice asked, frowning.

“No, he doesn’t.” Eeyah said.

“Then why him, Priestess?” Beatrice asked, poking him in the head.

“Because he’d be the only one that could save Esmeraldia.”

Beatrice seemed alarmed, “Save? Priestess, is Esmeraldia in trouble?”

“I believe so.” Diana said, “Soon the Westlands and the Eastlands will wage war. We need a hero.”

“Oh.” Beatrice said, “Then why him?”

“Blaise is exceptionally powerful.” Diana said, smiling.

“Ah, but Priestess, why not someone native to the lands? Someone who’s been trained in magic for his or her whole life. Like me, or Aria. Aria’s one of the most powerful people in Esmeraldia.”

“You’re only children, Beatrice.”

“Pfft, this guy looks like he’s only about a year older than me.”

“And a powerful person unknown to the lands is a great weapon. He won’t be biased and choose a side. And besides, as powerful as Aria is, she can’t fight.”

“Why not?”

“Beatrice, she’s your twin sister, you should know that she’s blind.”

“And that’s stopping her, why?”

Eeyah snarled, “No, Beatrice. The priestess has chosen a hero.”

Beatrice bit her lip and glared at the cat. Slowly, she turned bigger and bigger, until she was ten feet tall and looked like she could step on the cat as if he was an ant.

“No need to transform on me, Missy.” Eeyah said.

Beatrice shrunk back to her normal size.

Blaise was beyond confused. “What is this all about?”

Deana smiled, “You’re our new hero.”

“…right.” Blaise said, this woman is a lunatic. They are all lunatics.

“Lunatics? Now that’s a funny way to describe us.” Diana said,

Blaise was shocked.

“Let me guess,” Deana said, “How did she know?

“Yes, well...”

“Powers. Telepathy, specifically.”


None of it made sense. Mindreading, shapeshifting, talking cats, purple portals. It was all gibberish. He was convinced that it was all a dream, and that he would wake up in a matter of minutes.

“This isn’t a dream, Blaise.” Deana said.

Beatrice giggled, “The thought of this as a dream is silly. I sure wouldn’t be just part of someone’s imagination.”

“Do you want to be Esmeraldia’s new hero?”

“One, I don’t even know what Esmeraldia is, and two, this is all a dream anyway.”

“Look, what would it take to prove to you that this ain’t a dream?” Eeyah asked.

“Pain, I’d guess.” Blaise said.

Eeyah grinned. He jumped forward and bit him in the ankle.

Blaise yelled and clutched his bitten ankle. “That hurt.”

“And that proves this ain’t a dream.” Eeyah said, unaffected.

Blaise wasn’t so sure about that. “Yes, but this is clearly impossible. For one, the thing that she did earlier, shapeshifting, I guess, where would you store the extra mass? How can one just imagine something and be it? Say you transformed into a mouse. You wouldn’t know how to use a mouse’s body; you’d be accustomed to the human anatomy.”

Beatrice scowled. She closed her eyes, and within a second, a mouse appeared in her place.

“Ah!” Blaise said,

The mouse crawled up to him and bit his shoes. Then it transferred back to Beatrice.

“It all seems too impossible.”

“The impossible is only two letters away from possible.”

“That really makes no sense.” Blaise said.

“Have you ever wondered why you’ve purple eyes?”

“Several times.” Blaise said, “It’s something that I’ve always loved. It’s a part of me that’s more unique than the others.”

“Violet eyes are a sign of magic.” Deana said, “Magical humans have violet eyes. A half magical human has one violet eye. You’ve the deepest, most unused eyes I’ve ever seen.”


“When using magic, it tends to tire you out. It’s not something simple and easy. It’s a hard process that puts a lot of pressure onto your body. Your eyes show the stature of your body. Eyes like that are only usually present in children below five.”

“Your eyes are yellow.”

Beatrice giggled, “Silly. Normal magical people have purple eyes. People with higher power or people that have done a specific thing have different eye colors.”

Blaise blinked. “Silly? You can’t call me silly.”

“Why not?” Beatrice asked.

“Because I’m a newcomer here. How could you judge me as silly, when you know perfectly well that I’ve only known of the existence of this world for less than five minutes?”

Beatrice giggled. “Whatever, newbie.”

“Do you want to be our hero?” Deana asked again.

“A hero?” Blaise said, biting his lip. “I’m sorry, but I simply can’t take up your offer without knowing what it is, or what I have to do as it.”

"I’ve seen the future, Blaise.” Deana said, frowning. “It’s a terrible place. Everything and everyone is at war. There is so much chaos.”

“What do I have to do with it?” Blaise asked.

“You,” she said, pointing at him, “are the only one who can stop it from happening.”

Blaise snorted, “Right. Me, a person who doesn’t even know what’s going on here, save the world. Once again, right.

“Look, what if I was to give you, say, a day to go around town and decide for yourself if you want to be our hero?”

“That would be nice.” He said.

“Beatrice, escort the boy. Fill in any blanks he wishes to know.” Deana said.

Beatrice smiled. “Good as done, Priestess.”

“Wait, wait. So, why me, exactly?”

Diana looked at him, “What do you mean, why you?”

“I mean, there are tons of other people that are just as unknown to this land as me, right?”

“No, actually.” She said, “You were a special case. You were smuggled out of Esmeraldia and raised in the normal world. You are the only magical being to ever live in a non-magical habitat.”

“Oh.” Blaise said, “That would explain it. But then how would you know I’m powerful?”

“Your bloodline is an extremely powerful one.” Diana said,

“Once again, how would you know?”

“There are certain ways to find out.”

“Well, I don’t have powers.” He said, determined to prove it.

“How would you say that?” Deana asked.

“Uh, I’ve been me for fourteen years. No powers so far.”

“Your powers were hidden.”

Blaise rolled his eyes. “Convenient explanation.”

Deana smiled. “Would you like me to re-release them?”

“What would happen if I said no?”

“I would still release them.”

“Ah.” He said, “Go for it, then.”

Deana did as told.

“A-ah… nothing happened.” He said.

“Magic doesn’t really feel like anything. But trust me, child. It’s in you.”

What if it’s not and you’re crazy? And this, most likely, is all just a big dream.“So, how do I use it?”

“Well, first we have to discover what they are.” Diana said.

“Oh. So you don’t know what my powers are. There’s a surprise.” Blaise said sarcastically.

“Let’s start with the common ones.” Diana said, “Try to move anything with your mind.”

Blaise blinked. She’s crazy. “How exactly would I do that?”

“Just imagine it moving,”

Brilliant instructions, Miss. Blaise thought. He sighed and humored Diana. She imagined moving the pebble with his mind.

The pebble moved. Only slightly, but the movement was still miraculous.

Blaise took a step back. Wha-!

“Telekinesis, check.” Beatrice said. “Next?”

“Try conjuring fire from your fingers. If that doesn’t work, try controlling that puddle over there.”

This would be Pyrokinesis and Hydrokinesis, then? Blaise thought. He sighed, held up his palm, then tried to force non-existent fire out of it. Since nothing happened, he focused his attention over to the puddle. He tried to move it, but nothing happened. “No, none of those two.”


“The ability to talk to animals. Try talking to one of the animals over there.”

“Well, I can talk to that cat.”

“Eeyah isn’t counted.” Diana said, “He’s the exact opposite—a cat that can talk to humans.”


He tried talking to a mouse, but nothing happened.

“I’m afraid not.”

They found out that Blaise’s powers were telekinesis, telepathy, and some other stuff. [Cont. later]

“Woah,” Beatrice said, “that’s pretty strong for a newbie.”

Blaise smiled, “As expected.”

Beatrice stuck her tongue out at him, “Not really.”

“I’ll give you one day.” Deana said, “If by the end of today, you are still undecided, I will consider it as no.”

Blaise nodded. This was too much pressure. The possibility of this being a dream was high. Very high. There was this part of him, the logical side, which told him that everything happening right now was impossible. That what he himself just did was not and could never be real. But there was this side that fought for the possibility of the impossibility. The side that would tell him that it was real, that powers, magic, really does exist.

He chose that side. Because even in Science, what was once thought to be impossible back then, was something very everyday and much possible now. It was a step he was willing to take. After all, what could he lose from it?

Blaise smiled, getting back to the world. “One more thing,”


“Why is it called Esmeraldia?” Blaise asked. “It’s a weird name. There are seven names I can think of right now that would perfectly describe this place, despite having the handicap of seeing only a very small part of it.”

“Esmeralda was the name of the woman who saved us.”

“Saved you? From what?”

“From extinction.” Deana said, “Once, there used to be eight continents. Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, South America, North America, Australia and






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